Myanmar takes back 1 Rohingya family despite UN concerns

Bangladesh Myanmar Rohingya

BANGKOK (AP) — Myanmar has accepted what appears to be the first five among some 700,000 Rohingya...


Women take fall in Nobel scandal for man's alleged misdeeds

Sweden Acadamy

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Thousands of protesters called Thursday for the resignation of the secretive board that awards the Nobel Prize in Literature after a sex-abuse scandal linked to the prestigious Swedish academy forced the ouster of its first-ever woman head and tarnished the reputation of the...


A willingness to fix the euro's flaws is fading fast

Germany Politics

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — When Angela Merkel was re-elected as Germany’s leader in March, the way looked open for European nations to finally patch the remaining cracks in the euro — the structural flaws that threatened to break apart the shared currency in 2010-12. Suddenly, those prospects for...


Castros' successor, Miguel Diaz-Canel, takes over in Cuba, pledges 'continuity'

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. HAVANA -- In his first hour as Cuba’s new head of state, Miguel Díaz-Canel sought to make one thing clear: Raúl Castro may no longer be president, but he is still the power to be reckoned with in this island nation. “Raúl . . . will be key to the process of making the...


Canadian top court's beer ruling offers few clues for Kinder

(c) 2018, Bloomberg. A push for freer alcohol trade within Canada fell flat at the country’s highest court, in a ruling that offers little new clarity on the jurisdictional questions now plaguing a major pipeline project. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously Thursday that it would allow an...


Syrian rebels give up Damascus area town to government


BEIRUT (AP) — The Syrian government took control of a town northeast of Damascus on Thursday after rebels evacuated to north Syria — the latest in a string of handovers by rebels to the government. Residents in the town of Dumayr welcomed security forces into their town in a triumphant show for the...


Former May aide's attempt to defend her undermined by email leak

(c) 2018, Bloomberg. An attempt by Theresa May’s one-time closest adviser to defend her record on immigration backfired after emails seen by Bloomberg appeared to contradict his account of a controversial project. The prime minister has had to apologize after the government admitted it had wrongly...


Gaza protest camps moved closer to Israel border fence

Palestinians Israel

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Gaza protest organizers moved sit-in tents closer to the Israeli border fence Thursday, a day before a fourth planned mass demonstration, raising fears of more bloodshed. The protests, largely led by Gaza’s Hamas rulers, began March 30. Organizers said they’ll gradually...


India hopes to host 3 sports events, including 2032 Olympics

India Olympic

NEW DELHI (AP) — The Indian Olympic Association says it will bid for three major sporting events — the 2026 Youth Olympics, the 2030 Asian Games and the 2032 Summer Olympics. The bidding process for the 2026 Youth Olympics is likely to start in 2020. Thailand has also expressed interest in hosting...


Seoul: N. Korean leader removes major nuclear sticking point

South Korea Koreas Tension Ending the War

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Thursday that his rival, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, isn’t asking for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Korean Peninsula as a precondition for abandoning his nuclear weapons. If true, this would seem to remove a major...


The Latest: US lawmaker sees no real change in Cuba

Cuba Transition

HAVANA (AP) — The Latest on Raul Castro’s handover of Cuba’s presidency (all times local): 1:25 p.m. One of the fiercest congressional critics of Cuba’s government says the island’s new president is a “thug” who is just the “same as the old boss.” Florida Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen says...

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